This Waffle

This Waffle

Almond butter, maple syrup, bruleed bananas, and smoked bacon on a Belgian Liege waffle

That Waffle

That Waffle

Brie cheese, berry chia jam, spring greens, cherry tomatoes, and spicy aioli on a Belgian Liege waffle

The Other Waffle

The Other Waffle

Nutella, strawberries, coconut chips, and mint on a Belgian Liege waffle

The Last Waffle

The Last Waffle

Avocado, cherry tomatoes, parsley, beetroot dressing, and smoked bacon on a Belgian Liege waffle

Rule 34 Toast

Rule 34

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, pickled onion, dill, and sliced lemons on sourdough toast

Digital Detox Toast

Digital Detox

Avocado, strawberries, hard-boiled egg, and strawberry balsamic vinegar on multigrain toast

Power Button Toast

Power Button

Almond butter, berry chia jam, sliced bananas, granola, and mint on multigrain toast

Almond butter

Bruleed bananas

Smoked bacon

Maple syrup

Brie cheese

Berry chia jam

Spring greens


Coconut chips

Hard-boiled egg

Spicy aioli


Strawberry balsamic

Beetroot dressing

Cherry tomatoes


Cream cheese


Smoked salmon

Pickled onions